This blog is written and maintained by Cathy J. Cross of Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA.  

I am the Paternal Grandmother of Savannah Katheryn Cross, who at age 2, was murdered by her unlicensed daycare providers in Phoenix, AZ on December 11, 2012.  The initial reports state the bruises to Savannah were “too many to count”, and her death now ranks as the most egregious case of child abuse and neglect in Arizona state history to date, according to PPD Homicide Detectives.  It has since been confirmed, that Savannah was sexually abused in multiple manners and Ryan Reed has been re-arrested.  See  “CASE HISTORY” page for details.

It is my goal to share what it feels like from my own perspective, share behind the scene stories of my personal experiences and advocate for changes in the judicial, CPS and Medical Examiner and Coroner systems across the United States and hopefully, strengthen families.  What happened and still is happening to us, should never happen to anyone else, but it does – over and over again.  The multifaceted complexities of distance, disabilities, outrage and delayed justice is shared from the my perspective only.  Opinions expressed herein are solely my own.  I will not change the names to protect a damned sole.

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